Brief introduction

IFER - Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research, Ltd., is an independent, private, research organization. The core activity of the company is to carry out projects from wide range of clients around the world. IFER is based in the Czech Republic close to Prague in small town of Jilove. Currently there are around 30 employees in the company.

IFER - Monitoring and Mapping Solutions, Ltd., is company founded in 2005. IFER-MMS is developing and selling the Field-Map technology.

You can get brief information about IFER from our two pages leaflet:

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Our important projects

  • Technological and methodological support of National Forest Inventory (NFI) of Russian Federation
    We support Rozlesinforg (subsidiary of the Russian Ministry of Forestry) in implementation of Russian NFI.
  • Carbon stock inventory of FACE plantations in Malaysia and Uganda
    We cooperate with FACE foundation already since 1995. Our latest project has been in Sabah, Malaysia.
    This project, funded by Czech Science Foundation, aims at analyzing and quantirying the effects of actual and recent changes of growth environment on tree and stand growth and vitality, discerning the relative contribution of N deposition, temperature and moisture in elevation gradient of the Czech statistical landscape inventory grid.